StemClenz eco-friendly pipe and downstem cleaner designed for conscious smokers

Peace out, plastic.

There’s a better way to clean your pipes and downstems. Meet StemClenz, an environmentally-friendly company that produces reusable glass cleaning products. Designed for conscious smokers who want to stay clean and green, our products keep you — and the planet — healthy.

Trash on a beach with StemClenz-branded bah to the side

The Eco-Friendly Bong Cleaner

StemClenz is an eco-friendly pipe and downstem cleaner that delivers a positive environmental impact. While plastic bags have traditionally been used to clean glass pieces, these single-use solutions produce significant amounts of trash, further filling up landfills.

Lifetime Warranty

We firmly believe in our mission and product so much that we include a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all StemClenz Cleaning Kits!

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