Over 2 Million Plastic Bags Saved!

We recently ran a poll with customers who had purchased stemclenz kits over the past 4 years. We asked them how many plastic bags they used to use and ran the numbers!

Thus far over 2 million plastic bags that would have been used to clean stems and accessories were replaced by a reusable and improved product!

P.S. that is over 50 thousand pounds of plastic!


StemClenz started with one product, but we began receiving requests to apply the same great quality and function we are known for to more products! So we have done so! All of our products are designed for conscious smokers who want to stay clean and green,

Our products keep you — and the planet — healthy.

Our Mission

StemClenz was started because we hated using single use plastic when we were just trying to enjoy our session. Check out why we donated 5% of profits to the ocean clean up!

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