Our Goal


Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with the most efficient and effective cleaning device possible while decreasing plastic waste associated with the cleaning process. 

Did you know that, according to PlasticOceans.Org, annually there are approximately 500 billion plastic bags used worldwide?!

It all Started Here

Our business was born from a simple idea and some elbow grease! 

Pictured to the right is were it all began, in a three story windmill from the late 1800's. 

Now the idea that was born in that old mill has presented us with an incredible opportunity, to create and sell a product that can directly impact plastic usage. Along with this we are excited to continue working with The Ocean Clean Up, and are looking forward to leveraging the site and social media as a platform to share information about the issue and recycling.

 We choose to donate 5% of our net profits to the Ocean Clean Up Project, because they have developed a progressive, environmentally conscious and practical way to clean up the North Pacific garbage patch.


StemClenz Cleaning Tutorial


We believe so much in our mission and our cleaning device that we include a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our StemClenz Cleaning Kits! 

Customer Service & Wholesale:

Customer Service:

We know how much you all care for your glass downstems! So for all product questions please dont hesitate to send us a message below! 


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