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From our inception we have been driven to continuously innovate and create the best bong cleaning products on the market. And now we are taking that same practice to the dabbing community with our first line of Premium Swabs design for the new and emerging banger designs. Our most recent escapade has been into cannabis storage. Our Stash Jars are not only smell proof but unbelievably effective at maintaining your flowers quality throughout the storage process.

Over 2 Million Plastic Bags Saved!

We recently conducted a survey among customers who purchased StemClenz Kits in the past 4 years.

Thanks to the reusable and superior StemClenz Kit, over 2 million plastic bags have been replaced, preventing the use of more than 50 thousand pounds of plastic in the cleaning process of stems and accessories!

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Our Mission

StemClenz began to eliminate single-use plastic in our sessions. Discover why we proudly donate 5% of profits to ocean cleanup efforts!

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