Terp Titans XL Premium Cotton Swabs

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Meet the Terp Titans XL swab! Evolving from the innovative design of our original Terp Titans, the XL version steps up the cleaning game, courtesy of our high-quality, ultra-absorbent cotton.

At the core of the Terp Titans XL is our premium, highly absorbent cotton. We've doubled the quantity, outfitting each swab with unparalleled absorbency to deliver efficient and effective cleaning. Whether you're maintaining quartz while dabbing or cleaning accessories like slides and other small items.

Designed for comprehensive cleaning, the Terp Titans XL features a dual-tip. The spiral end is engineered for maximum absorption and broad surface coverage, reducing the number of swabs you need. The pointed end is made for precision, adept at reaching into crevices and corners for a thorough clean.

Balancing out the exceptional cotton is a sturdy yet somewhat flexible bamboo stick. Unlike paper sticks, our quality bamboo sticks can withstand more pressure without breaking or collapsing, and deliver consistent performance even under rigorous cleaning.

Quantity Per Pack: 200 Swabs

Product Details: Overall Length 3"

  • Superior Cotton: Double the quantity for superior absorbency.
  • Dual-Tip Design: Spiral end for maximum coverage, pointed end for precision.
  • Bamboo Handle: Durable and reliable.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Designed for quartz maintenance and small accessory cleaning.
  • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable materials and 100% Non-Plastic packaging.