StemClenz Kit #1

Created out of the necessity for a better way to clean downstems, slides and pipes. This product solved these by creating an improved bong cleaning system. With the StemClenz kit you can keep your bongs and glass pipe accessories clean with ease; All without creating any plastic waste.

Bong Cleaning Caps #2

Cleaning Caps prevent you from needing to cover your bongs openings with your hands. This means you can use your normal bong cleaner without your hands smelling or drying out from the strong solvents in bong cleaners.

Image of rubber sink mat used to protect glass during the cleaning process

Sink Mat #3

Was created because we had dropped 1 too many fragile and expensive glass pipes, and 420 smoking accessories during the cleaning process and needed a solution! We also found that our bongs and dab rigs frequently would get base scratches. This prevented this issue by created a barrier for our glass!

Image with descriptions of the pipe perfect bong brush packet

Pipe Perfect #4

The Pipe Perfect was created because we received another customer requests to offer replacements of the same high quality bong and pipe cleaning brushes that come with the StemClenz Kits. As the bong brushes wear out over time and the StemClenz itself does not we came up with this fantastic water pipe brush, and 420 tool cleaning pack.

Image of Terp Titans XL dabbing qtipping swabs for maintaining quartz bangers

Terp Titans XL Swabs #5

We created the original Terp Titans for bong cleaning specifically. But the Terp Titans XL take Qtipping to the next level by introduces 2x the cotton. But unlike some ours are not dense allowing for maximum absorption when used for dabbing. But Still Preform equally well in the bong cleaning arena, making these a must have for any cannabis user!

Absorb 2x the globs with Terp Titans XL.

Image of Slurper cotton swabs designed for cleaning the new and emerging quartz banger designs

Terp Titans Pro #6

Were created because our customers requested that we create additional designs to tackle the new and emerging quartz banger designs. After our product tester put a number of models through rigorous field testing, we came to the conclusion that we have the most versatile and effective design on the market.

StashSaver Pro #7

This product was created because we wanted a cannabis jar that not only told us what our flowers internal humidity level was, but also was truly smell proof. We are super proud of this Stash Jar and can confidently say that this is one of the highest quality 420, odor proof containers on the market.