Pipe Perfect | Brush Cleaning Kit

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⭐Experience the ultimate pipe cleaning solution with the Pipe Perfect Brush Set by StemClenz. This premium 6-piece cleaning kit is designed to keep your pipes, downstems, slides, bowls, and other accessories in pristine condition. Each brush is tailored to specific cleaning tasks, making it easy to maintain your smoking accessories.

Included in the set:

  1. 6" Silicone Spatula for Concentrates
  2. Bristled Brush with Round Tip (3/4" head diameter, 8.5" long)
  3. Bristled Brush with Cotton Tip (3/4" head diameter, 8" long)
  4. Bristled Brush (3/4" head diameter, 8" long)
  5. Rounded Bristle Brush (4" long)
  6. Slim Bristle Brush (7.5" long, 1/4" head diameter)

Discover a cleaner, fresher smoking experience with the Pipe Perfect Brush Set by StemClenz.

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