420 Solutions

At StemClenz, we're committed to continuous innovation, and providing top-notch solutions to our customers. From bong cleaners, premium dabbing swabs, to smell proof, airtight storage solutions. We are here to help you along your 420 journey!

Our Story

Our journey began with a dilemma: We understood that smoking through dirty glass was unhealthy, and as active, health-conscious individuals, we couldn't ignore it. Cleaning our glass and accessories with plastic bags was the best option available, but it led to excessive single-use plastic waste.

Thus, we set a clear goal - to create products that addressed this issue, enabling our customers to prioritize both their health and the environment.

It's Simple! Our success lies in simplifying your day while reducing your single-use plastic footprint!

Our Mission

Bong Cleaning and the cannabis industry in general produces quite a staggering amount of plastic.

StemClenz is dedicated to combating everyday plastic waste, and while we strive to prevent more plastic from entering the oceans by creating bong cleaner products that are reusable and long lasting; These foundations work relentlessly to remove and repurpose the existing plastic already polluting our seas.

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The Bong Blog

This is the place for you! Whether you are just beginning your 420 journey, with questions like, What's the best bong cleaner, How to clean a bong, To what's a gravity bong; Or a seasoned dabbing veteran that is trying to perfect their quartz cleaning routine. We've got you covered with our weekly in-depth blog posts!