StemClenz Bundle | Bong Cleaning Kit

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Introducing the Ultimate StemClenz Bundle, a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for maintaining your glass pieces in pristine condition! This exclusive bundle combines our innovative StemClenz Kit and versatile StemClenz Cleaning Caps at a fantastic discounted price, providing the perfect duo for efficient, mess-free, and safe cleaning.

With the Ultimate StemClenz Bundle, you'll receive:

  1. StemClenz Kit:

    • A 14" StemClenz Cleaner
    • A convenient StemClenz Securing Clip
    • A high-quality microfiber towel
    • Two custom finishing brushes
    • Detailed directions and warranty information
    • A sleek, sturdy box for storage and organization
  2. StemClenz Cleaning Caps (3pcs):

    • Designed to fit over the mouthpiece and joint for a leak-proof seal
    • Ideal for cleaning tubes from 38mm to 50mm, as well as rigs with smaller joints
    • Keeps your hands free from potentially harmful chemicals during the cleaning process

Maximize your savings and streamline your cleaning routine with the Ultimate StemClenz Bundle. Get your glass pieces spotless and maintain their beauty with this incredible, eco-friendly combo!