What Is A Gravity Bong?

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When it comes to 420 nostalgia few things hit home harder than the gravity bong. Known for their simple construction and potent impact, these devices leverage the fundamental principles of physics to deliver an experience that many users find uniquely satisfying. Often, it's a product of creativity and necessity, crafted from readily available materials. This blog post will discuss what a gravity bong is, how it works, and the pros and cons of using one.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong, at its most basic, consists of two components: a larger container partially filled with water, and a smaller, bottle-like container with a bowl on top to hold the cannabis. The larger container can be anything from a bucket to a swimming pool, and the smaller container is usually a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.
The distinctive feature of a gravity bong is its method of producing smoke. Unlike traditional bongs, which utilize a percolation process, gravity bongs use the force of gravity (hence the name) and water pressure to generate a concentrated stream of smoke.

How Does A Gravity Bong Work?

A gravity bong works by creating a vacuum that the water seeks to fill. Here's a basic rundown of the process:
  1. The smaller container is placed into the water-filled larger container, with the open bottom submerged and the top above the water surface.
  2. The bowl, located on the lid of the smaller container, is then filled with cannabis and ignited.
  3. As the user slowly lifts the smaller container, the change in pressure forces the water down, creating a vacuum that pulls the smoke from the burning cannabis into the smaller container.
  4. Once the cannabis has stopped burning, the user removes the bowl, places their mouth on the top of the smaller container, and pushes it back down into the water. This action forces the smoke upward into the user's lungs.

The Pros and Cons of Using A Gravity Bong:

Just like any other method of consuming cannabis, using a gravity bong comes with its unique pros and cons:


  1. DIY: If you enjoy DIY projects, constructing a gravity bong can be a fun and satisfying activity.
  2. Experience: The intense hits from a gravity bong offer a unique experience that some users enjoy. 


  1. Intensity: The potent hits can be too intense for novices or those who prefer a milder experience. Overconsumption can lead to discomfort or adverse effects.
  2. Health concerns: If using plastic containers, there's a potential risk of inhaling harmful chemicals released when the plastic is exposed to heat.
  3. Maintenance: Gravity bongs require regular cleaning to prevent the build-up of residue.


Gravity bongs offer a unique way to consume cannabis, providing intense hits and efficient use of the material. While they can be fun and economical, it's crucial to approach them with knowledge and caution. Ensure you're aware of the potential risks, especially if you're constructing a DIY gravity bong using plastic components.
Moreover, when it comes to 'how to clean your gravity bong, that's when things get little extra challenging. If they are made of plastic they are essentially a one time use bong. If they are higher quality and made of glass, you will likely find soaking them in bong cleaner solution the easiest cleaning method.
As with any cannabis consumption, moderation and safety should always be the guiding principles. Please remember that cannabis laws vary widely, and you should only use cannabis products legally and responsibly. Always respect your local laws and restrictions related to cannabis use and possession. 
Modern Cannabis Consumption Methods: A Better Alternative
In contrast, modern cannabis consumption methods, such as vaporizers, dab rigs, and advanced water pipes, offer a more controlled and enjoyable experience. These devices are designed to maximize the efficiency of cannabis use, often producing smoother, cooler smoke or vapor that's easier on the lungs. They also allow for better preservation of the flavor profiles of different cannabis strains, offering a more satisfying experience for the connoisseur.
Vaporizers, for example, heat cannabis to a point where the cannabinoids and terpenes are released without combusting the plant matter. This process reduces the inhalation of potentially harmful byproducts associated with smoking. Dab rigs, on the other hand, are designed for consuming cannabis concentrates, providing a cleaner, potent, and flavorful hit.
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