Hand holding the eco-friendly StemClenz downstem cleaner

Conscious Glass Cleaning

StemClenz is a simple yet sustainable solution for keeping your pipes, pieces, and bongs clean. We appreciate that your glass pieces are works of art — so keep them stain- and biofilm-free with our eco-friendly bong cleaning kit.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective cleaning solutions possible while decreasing plastic waste. All StemClenz products are and will always be designed with ecological and health-conscious smokers in mind.

StemClenz's reusable and eco-friendly bong cleaner

Why StemClenz

Pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia can get incredibly dirty and even make you sick. Smoking with clean glass not only leads to a smoother and better-tasting hit, but it also helps keep dangerous bacteria away. 

While disposable plastic bags are traditionally used for cleaning, this can lead to tremendous amounts of plastic waste. For example, using one large plastic bag per day can produce 8 pounds of trash and add up to more than $70 in single-use supplies! 

Instead of compromising on hygiene, we knew there had to be a better way than plastic. And this is why StemClenz was born. Our reusable and eco-friendly bong cleaner helps you smoke clean and healthy without harming the planet.

Trash on a beach with StemClenz-branded bah to the side

Clean & Conscious Smoking for a Cause

We’re proud to support The Ocean Cleanup by donating 5% of our profits to their cause. This noble nonprofit committed to ridding the oceans of plastic. StemClenz is on a mission to fight one major source of everyday plastic waste, and it’s incredibly meaningful for us to contribute to an amazing organization with a similar goal on a larger scale.