Solutions For Life

StemClenz strives to constantly innovate and bring the best solutions to our customers. If we can make your day easier while helping you decrease your single-use plastic impact, then we have succeeded!

Our Story

Our journey started with a problem: We knew that smoking through dirty glass was very unhealthy. We are active, athletic people, so health was a priority. So we had to use plastic bags, the best option at the time, to clean our glass and accessories. This resulted in excessive single-use plastic waste. So when we set out, our goal was simple, create products that would solve this problem.

Allowing our customers to be health conscious and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission

Because of your support we have the priveledge of donating 5% of our profits from product sales and 100% of profit from apparel sales to ocean clean up foundations!

StemClenz is on a mission to fight one major source of everyday plastic waste, while we fight the battle of preventing more plastic from the oceans they work tirelessly to remove and repurpose the existing plastic that has already entered the oceans.

So How Have We Done?

We recently ran a poll with our customers. From this poll we were able to determine the number of plastic bags that have been prevented from ending up in landfills or worse, the ocean! We were able to determine that StemClenz Kits alone have saved over 2 million plastic bags! This was so exciting for us to learn as it means we are making a real impact! All thanks to you!

So What's Next?

2023 is a very exciting year for us! We have new product launches lined up for almost every month this year! Stayed Tuned!