Dirty Bongs Can Be Dangerous

Before starting Stemclenz, we had always known that smoking out of dirty glass was super unhealthy. However, prior to embarking on this journey we had no idea we would soon learn how bad it can really be for you if you don't take care of your equipment .

Why Should A Dirty Bong Concern You?

Stagnant bong water is a haven for growing bacteria that can result in a multitude of infections in the body when inhaled. Even more concerning is that, when you smoke through your pipe, you are heating that bacteria-filled water, which only accelerates their growth.


When you inhale through these pipes, you essentially aerosolize the water and whatever bacterial organisms have developed in your pieces. 

What Are PAHs?

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, are a class of organic compounds that are the result of cannabis being combusted in a zero oxygenated environment. They produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials. PAHs are known to be toxic and carcinogenic, meaning they can cause cancer in humans.

Bongs Can Filter Out PAHs?

Bongs can be incredibly useful for capturing PAHs through a process called absorption.

In this process the PAHs in the smoke are attracted to the surface of the water, which acts as the filter media, and are retained there. "The PAHs"..."stick to particles rather than remain dissolved in water"(Watershed Council). Therefore, the greater the surface area, meaning the more bubbles, the greater the absorption rate. An additional benefit of using a bond is that it decreases the temperature of the smoke which can decrease the impact on oral health.

How To Clean Challenging Accessories

Step 1). Fill StemClenz tube with a 2-part abrasive cleaning solution.

Step 2). Carefully insert accessory into the StemClenz tube. (If you drop the item into the tube, just ensure the tube is not resting on a physical surface such as a counter.)

Step 3). Fold tube to desired length, and attach provided clip. Secure clip with hand.

Step 4). Using two hands (one for holding the cip), begin to shake vigorously to agitate. Required shake times may vary.

Step 5). Carefully remove accessory and use finishing brushes to remove any debris.

Step 6). Rinse accessory under warm water and dry with included towel. Return to tube for additional cleaning if needed.

Trash on a beach with StemClenz-branded bah to the side

How To Clean A Down-Stem In A StemClenz

Visit Our Youtube page to watch product demonstrations! 

How To Clean A Down-Stem In A StemClenz

Visit Our Youtube page to watch product demonstrations!