Reusable bong cleaner
Reusable bong cleaner

Your Glass Could Be Making You Sick

Did you know the average pipe has 49% more bacteria than an average public toilet seat? I think we can all admit that’s just gross. You wouldn’t consume anything off a toilet seat, so why would you smoke out of a dirty bong or pipe? Properly cleaning pipes and bongs is absolutely essential for your health. 

Why you need to be cleaning your pipes & bongs

Stagnant water is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and thrive. Glass pipes and bongs can get really dirty. Not only does this result in stains on your beautiful pieces, but it can introduce dangerous bacteria into your lungs and even make you sick. 

Have you ever noticed how a glass of water that’s been left sitting out will develop a clear, shiny layer on top? This happens inside your bong, too, and is known as biofilm. Biofilm is a cluster of microorganisms that can include bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other microbes you don’t want entering your body. 

Dirty bong water can invite E. coli, Streptococcus, and black mold to grow, which can lead to serious respiratory issues. If you use a bong to smoke, be sure to change out the water daily before biofilm can form. 

Even without water, glass pipes can also host significantly high levels of bacteria. A study by Moose Labs reported, “it was difficult to find a neutral object in daily life that was as contaminated as a cannabis pipe.” Pipes need to be regularly cleaned to prevent germs, accumulated residue, and clogging.

Female smoking a pipe that needs to be properly cleaned

If the health benefits aren’t enough to convince you —

clean pieces yield smoother hits. Less coughing, more chilling. Instead of burning clogged leftover product, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresher, higher quality taste with less ash.

How do you clean a glass pipe or bong?

Cleaning a glass pipe or bong is quick and easy, and just requires ingredients you probably already have at home. While some use plastic bags to clean their glass, eco-friendly smokers turn to reusable solutions like StemClenz to minimize waste and environmental damage. Our renewable soft silicone tube is designed to keep glass pieces safe during cleaning. 

6-step directions on how to clean a glass pipe or bong

Clean in 3 EazySteps

1.) Combine four tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol with two tablespoons of coarse sea salt, and pour the solution into our renewable silicone tube. 

2.) Insert your glass, pour in the alcohol and salt, shake for 30 seconds.

3.) Remove your glass and rinse with water...and just like that — you’re good to go! Say goodbye to plastic waste, germs, and nasty biofilm.

Trash on a beach with StemClenz-branded bah to the side

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