Plastic Waste From Glass

For as long as bongs have been around people have been using plastic bags to clean them. While they work just fine, plastic bags are in the single-use plastics family and are typically discarded after a single use.

Doesn't seem like a big deal right?

Well, if you use 1 large ziplock bag a day, you will have added more than 8 pounds of plastic waste to the landfills.

But that also adds up to over $70 in plastic! There had to be a better method for glass cleaning!


How Much Waste Is Produced By Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are single-use plastics, and according to the United Nations Environmental Program, " Single-use plastics, often referred to as disposable plastics, are commonly used for packaging and include items intended to be used once before they are thrown away or recycled... nearly 50% of the plastic waste generated globally in 2015 was plastic packaging"(


According to PlasticOceans.Org, " Annually approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. More than one million bags (Single-Use Plastics) are used every minute. A plastic bag has an average “working life” of 15 minutes".

"Brand-new" to "Plastic Waste" in just a few minutes

The Ocean Clean Up Project

We chose to donate 10% of the websites net profits to the Ocean Clean Up Project because they have developed a progressive and environmentally conscious way to clean up the North Pacific garbage patch, which contains roughly 80 tons of plastic waste of which a significant amount are single-use plastics. 

The Technology

With similar goals in mind to StemClenz, they have developed a technology which makes for a simple, effective, and efficient tool! Which, they have designed to tackle a messy and difficult problem whose effects will have a long lasting beneficial impact on our oceans and environment.

What's Next?

Food For Thought:

If you walked into your bathroom and saw the bathtub overflowing, what would you do? 

Would you immediately grab a towel and start mopping up the mess? Or would you begin by stopping the problem from getting worse and shut off the water? 

Well, we believe we need to use similar thinking for how we deal with improving our Oceans and overall environment. We must ensure that our kids get to see the same marvels that nature has gifted to us. We Must Reduce Plastic Waste!

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